Thoughts on Som thing Crazy that Happ n d R c ntly

Throughout th months b for th l ction, I f lt that Trump didn't d s rv to b paid att ntion to, so I didn't list n to him at all. But of cours I couldn't h lp but h ar v ry singl last tidbit.

Now that th situation has chang d, v ryon n ds to r aliz that h 's not just anoth r r publican whos polici s you probably don't agr with. H 's not lik , say, G org Bush. Now v ryon must mak it compl t ly cl ar, as oft n as possibl , how adamantly you oppos Trump's b li f in racial and social hi rarchy. You n d to n v r "g t us d to" his id as or p rsonality and n v r finally acc pt th m.

You n d to prot st as oft n as possibl , or do anything you can think of, sp cially if you don't think of yours lf as a "prot st r" or "activist". What v r vi ws you hav , how v r you think of yours lf, always oppos Trump - v n if you happ n d to accid ntally vot for him.

And if h mak s it to th inauguration, if h v n mak s it 4 y ars, your stanc n ds to r main th sam and activ ly against v ry m ssag h s nds containing his insidious whit supr macism.

Th probl m is s rious, and now w n d to tak it s riously!